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Car Shopping is Painful

Buying a car should not require spending the better part of a day at a dealership, negotiating with 3 or more people, only to discover HUGE HIDDEN FEES that are NOT INCLUDED. This leads to a customer buying experience that is intentionally opaque, and completely inefficient.

How IQautos Fixed It

Save Money. Save Time. IQautos fixed the inefficiencies with a staff of self-proclaimed car geeks. Visit us in person or shop from home. Each IQautos Genius (as we call them) is expertly-qualified to take care of the entire shopping experience from A to Z. One person to do the job of 3 or more... and the advertised price INCLUDES our dealer fee!

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Get quick answers to your questions about a specific car, financing options, or trade-in value, from an exceptionally qualified car geek.

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Don't see the right BMW or Mercedes in our inventory?

We have 5000 more available

Introducing the InventoryCloud


At IQautos you are not limited to the vehicles we have in stock. We offer a transparent, concierge buying service. An IQautos Genius will help you browse the InventoryCloud. Thousands of fresh off-lease Mercedes and BMWs available only to select dealers. See our cost, and pay a simple 5% commission. Vehicles that match your criteria will be saved to an Amazon like shopping cart for your review.

How it works

Step 1 Connect with an IQautos' Genius and tell us what you are looking for. We search the InventoryCloud, a collection of wholesale buying sites and auctions reserved exclusively for dealers to find cars that meet your criteria. Those results are saved to an Amazon like shopping cart.

Step 2 Click on the shopping cart logo at the top of the page. Enter your email address to see cars specifically chosen for you. Your IQautos Genius will help you choose a vehicle, and arrange financing. Everything is transparent. See our cost and pay a simple 5% commission.

Step 3 Pickup or delivery, you choose.

The hassle of car shopping is over!

Customers are raving about the experience!

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"I have purchased both BMWs and Mercedes from IQautos. They are extremely knowledgeable. They never pressure you...and are very customer oriented."

Ravi Bellamkonda

Ravi Bellamkonda
Dean of Engineering

Behind the scenes at a traditional dealership

Surprisingly the markup between the dealer's cost on a car and the advertised price is often quite small. The additional fees, high interest rates, along with unnecessary products (like vin etching on windows), as well as large profits generated by undervaluing your trade-in are where traditional dealers make big money.

Considering a car at a traditional dealership?

We can help. Let an IQautos Genius Check Your Deal. You will become a

We will offer a professional opinion of another dealer’s BMW or Mercedes. An IQautos’ Genius reviews the vehicle and the dealer. Don’t get surprised with fees, financing requirements, or low ball trade-in offers. We even provide a free Carfax, all without having to visit our dealership or theirs.

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Traditional Dealership Experience

IQautos How we do it better

Deceptively low advertised price. Huge hidden fees that are not included.
The price you see, is the price. No hidden fees.
Buying a car requires negotiating with 3 or more people at the dealership
One person, an IQautos Genius, takes care of you from A to Z
Forced to finance with onsite lender with high rates
Negotiates with multiple banks to secure the best financing
Low-ball offers for trade-ins
An honest, fair appraisal of your trade-in

Pushy commission driven sales staff
Concierge level team focused on offering the Ultimate Car Shopping Experience
Typical used car sales staff with little knowledge of BMWs or Mercedes
Genius team of BMW and Mercedes experts
Slow or unable to accurately answer specific BMW and Mercedes questions
Quick and responsive with correct answers to your BMW and Mercedes questions
Main focus is setting an appointment to get you to the dealership instead of answering your questions
We encourage you to buy from home and answer all your questions without having to visit the dealership
Sole focus is selling from their limited inventory
Good selection of BMWs and Mercedes in stock, plus 5000 more in the InventoryCloud
Inventory is rough. Procured based on solely on price with minimal or no reconditioning
Hand-picked inventory of premium off-lease BMWs and Mercedes treated to proper reconditioning
Only interested in selling you their car
Check Your Deal service gives buyers an educated opinion of other dealers’ inventory
Must visit dealer to purchase
Remote buying encouraged with end-to-end coordination by your IQautos Genius
Strong arm sales tactics by the finance manager to purchase multiple add-on items that may not be necessary
An honest recommendation on products best for your unique situation
You buy it, you own it. No money-back guarantee
IQautos' no hassle Money Back Guarantee

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