Customer Reviews for IQautos

Chris A -|yelp| - - - -

I purchased a E63 AMG back in October and am extremely happy with the car. It has 12k miles on it, no accident history, the interior is impeccably clean, and it drives perfectly. The paint condition is nearly perfect, and better than any other car I looked at during my extensive search. I looked at nearly a dozen cars, up to eight hours away, before finding this one at IQautos. This one is a "buy-back" out of California, which means the CARFAX comes up with a lemon alert. Apparently someone complained that the engine was burning oil and got MB to buy the car back. I've put over a thousand miles on the car so far, and the oil is still at the full mark. Well, their loss is my gain because I got a very low mile car for thousands less than KBB value, in better shape than anything I found at the many Mercedes and independent dealers I visited. I plan to keep the car for a very long time so I'm not concerned about the buy-back status, especially because the car is just fine. It was a pleasure working with Matt during the purchase. Long story short, if you're looking to haggle thousands off a car with unknown history, this is not the place for you. But, if you want a straight forward, open and honest buying experience on a really nice car with full history disclosure, go to IQautos and get a great deal.

JM H-|yelp| - - - -

 I don't think I'll buy a car from anywhere else after our experience… the people are so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They don't beat around the bush - they tell you like it is and give you all the information upfront. No gimmicks with trade ins or pricing.

We truly felt we got a fair price and had such a great experience with them. They made a hectic process easy and fun !
We will be going back for every purchase moving forward !

Mike K.-|yelp| - - - -

 I am a firm believer that great experiences deserve reviews to help the next customer and to help the here goes!

What do you want when you buy a car?
1) Enjoy the process...should be the highlight of your day, week, month, etc
2) Good value (incl trade)
3) Transparency
4) And, of course, a great car...
IQ does all of the above and more. Some highlights from my dealings (with Matt).
1) Fast. I think I spent 1 hour at the dealership total which included three visits. The final purchase paperwork was done in 30min. That is so painful, go meet with Finance Manager who proceeds to sell things you don't want/didn't ask for.
2) Transparent. Everything he said, he delivered. Moreover, he let me take the car and have my dealer inspect it.
3) Business vs. Sales. Matt is a businessman, not a salesman. He never "sold" me on anything, he engaged me and we worked to see if we could get to a "win-win" outcome. Why is this so hard for other car dealers? Maybe the very issue lies in the name, "dealers"...Matt is not seeking a "deal" he is seeking happy clients.
Thanks Matt.

Lanay G-|yelp| - - - -

After 2 failed attempts at other dealers, I ran across IQautos via Autotrader. They happened to have the exact car I was looking for: package I wanted, exterior color, interior color, etc. By this point in my process I was super skeptical so I took to yelp and saw they had great reviews so I went ahead and gave them a call! I ended up getting Tony who gave me all the information I needed and invited me out to the lot for a test drive. I showed up close to closing hours and he went ahead and had me take the car on an overnight test drive. This worked out perfectly because I was able to drive it to work and make sure that driving an electric car was actually going to work for my commute. It actually ended up easing my anxiety a bit.

He didn't rush me to make any decisions, worked with me on my trade, and even got me a better interest rate with one of his contacts than I was able to get through my credit union. I went in with my guard up and Tony ended up exceeding all expectations and making this process much better than I could have imagined. There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be working with Tony in the future and will definitely be recommending all friends and family to him!
I already told Tony to post on (I could have avoided those other shady dealers) but I also want Tony to see the power of Yelp so if u happen to read this review before purchasing a car from IQautos be sure to mention this review!

Nico M.-|yelp| - - - -

I love the no haggle price that includes the dealer fee so there's no hidden foolishness later. After about 2 weeks of dealing with jerks and liars who promised great deals and delivered squat, I remembered that I was so impressed with them and they didn't play games so I went back and bought… Everything was smooth and easy and I love my new car

Jessica Y-|yelp| - - - -

It's hard for me to imagine a better and easier car buying experience than I had at IQautos. There were three things that seemed to set them apart from the multitude of car dealerships:

1) The ease of the buying process. Instead of having to haggle and sit at a desk while the salesman "runs the numbers" for 2 hours, I was given what I thought was a fair price up front and a fair price for my trade in. It was as stress free as it could have been and felt very transparent and honest, which is extremely refreshing for a car dealership. Could I have gotten a slightly lower price at a traditional dealership after 4+ hours of haggling? Maybe, but maybe not, and it usually is not worth the stress or time.
2) The quality of the inventory seemed superior to most of the other used car dealerships I visited. At a lot of the other dealerships the cars looked a little more beat up or worn for the amount of miles on them. The car I found seemed to only have normal wear and tear and was in great condition for the age and mileage in my opinion….
3) The salesman we worked with (Matt) actually knew more about cars than me. Which is honestly not hard at all, but at a lot of other dealerships I visited the salesmen were salespeople and nothing else, and were not really able to answer any specific questions about the vehicle. Matt was very knowledgeable about BMWs and I think actually owns one himself, if I remember correctly. This was probably the best part of the car buying experience for me. Because I trust their knowledge about cars I know I will come back the next time...
Overall, I was extremely surprised and satisfied with my experience here, and I absolutely LOVE my new (to me) BMW X5!!! Thank you Matt!!!

Jason A.-|yelp| - - - -

I'm a German car guy; always have been. I've bought 2 BMWs from IQ and have always been impressed beyond belief - my local mechanic has said on both occasions "wait this car isn't new?" First off, they are really particular about which cars they buy/sell. Look at their site - they find gems that still have a lot of factory warranty left which get you an amazing bang for your buck. Like a 2 year old M3 or M5 for less than 1/2 original sticker and 3 years of warranty remaining? Yep, they get 5 of those a month. If you are a BMW person, which I am, talk to these guys as they know a ton about everything they sell. Great prices, great people, great cars... I am still working on convincing the wife that I need an M5 to do daycare runs. So far no dice, but I'm not giving up.

Umair Uddin-|google| - - - -

From the first telephone contact that I had with IQautos and my salesperson Tony to the last stage when I received my BMW M6 in Long Island, New York it was a class act. I was quoted a great price, my vehicle was immaculate and as promised in perfect shape… I was a little sceptical buying a $90,000 car based in Georgia from NY but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I highly recommend IQautos and especially Tony.

Risheet Jaggarow-|google| - - - -

This was the best car buying experience I've ever had. From the online chat, to text messages, to email, Kevin at IQautos was with me every step of the way in buying my first BMW. He answered all my questions clearly and promptly, even the ones at 9:30pm! Kevin made me feel comfortable and earned my trust. I never felt pressured or unsure of my decision to buy from IQautos. Friendly, knowledgeable, sincere people is what you will find here. This is how car buying should be. I plan to come back for my next car in the future.

Kyle Woestmann-|google| - - - -

IQautos provided the best service and knowledge from top to bottom. I am a first time car buyer and they displayed great knowledge around the cars on their lot. They answered any questions I had and helped me get the best financing opportunity possible. The car I bought looked exactly like it did in the photos. Incredibly clean and in great condition.

Stephen Toroni-|google| - - - -

Overall, five stars. InventoryCloud will be the best way for anyone to purchase a vehicle going forward.

Charles Woolverton-|google| - - - -

Fantastic car, great monthly payments and a better APR than the credit union and our own bank. Hands down a great place to shop for a car. Ask for Matt. He made the entire process incredibly easy and even met the bid of the top dealers on our trade-ins.

Veronica Collett-|google| - - - -

We recently purchased a Mercedes GL450 from IQautos. This has been the easiest car buying experience I've ever had. This was my first time purchasing a car online and I would definitely do it again. We did everything over the phone and through text. Kevin answered all our questions and is very pleasant… I feel that IQauto's goes above and beyond to make sure they are selling quality cars and giving quality service. Thank you IQautos!

Rick Stuart-|google| - - - -

I have purchased several vehicles online and my experience with IQautos was the best so far. Chase was very customer service oriented and exceeded expectations every step of the way. Questions were answered quickly and I was kept informed thru each step in the process. The car was exactly as described and delivered on time.

Rose Samonski-|google| - - - -

As a very traditional car buyer/ leaser I was very nervous. I have never purchased a car the way that I purchased the car today through IQ autos. With that being said the experience was unbelievably amazing... Two thumbs up!!!!!!

Tom Herr-|google| - - - -

Can't say enough great things about this dealership. Was the easiest and most comfortable car buying experience I have ever had. I was looking for near perfect condition BMW and had looked at over 100 online and in person in a 500 mile radius of me… The customer service at this dealership is phenomenal. Feel like they are honest, and true to their word. My car and from what I saw from other cars, are all in like new condition. I still have to tell myself that I bought a used car and not a brand new one. People think it's a new car.  

Dean Sibrizzi-|google| - - - -

Definitely the best car buying experience I could ever have. Kevin and the rest of the staff are very friendly and attentive. No games no gimmicks they have the best deal and are up front about everything. I won't buy a car anywhere else!

Rolando Galvez-|google| - - - -

Do you dread going to dealerships because of their usual bs about trade in and selling tactics? Go to IQautos. Upfront pricing and basically no pressure to sell you anything. In fact, I experienced so little pressure that it almost felt bizarre...bizarre because the whole process was actually enjoyable. Just think about the last time you actually enjoyed buying a car, that never happens! I’m definitely going to be going back to IQ for my next vehicle.

1scanlonk-|google| - - - -

Looked for months for "right" vehicle for our needs. Worked with Tony. No pressure. Highly communicative. Very transparent. Bought site unseen. Shipped out of state. Better than I expected. Would definitely buy from IQ again.

Ann Jamill-|google| - - - -

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I went through my buying process with Tony. He was AMAZING and worked with me from everything my crazy work hours and timing down to my financing. I originally had been approved with my own financing through my credit union, but /tony was able to get me financing with and even lower interest rate! Before finding iQ auto, I was dealing with a very shady dealership and honestly had made me completely discouraged and skeptical about looking for another car. From the moment I spoke with Tony he communicated with me consistently, was very honest and straight forward. I’ve never had a buying process that as easier and I am sooooo happy with my new vehicle! If you are a female looking to buy and hate the high pressure and shadiness or going to car sales lots I recommend going to iQ auto and asking for Tony. He truly made this a great experience for me. Thanks again!

H Smith-|google| - - - -

If you are looking for a high quality used car, look here first.

I have been driving BMW’s for over 30 years and
they had a huge selection... They are friendly and professional.
They have a better used vehicle inventory than the big dealerships in Atlanta. They treated me great!

Leo Kodiak-|google| - - - -

A great buying experience. No pressure and very easy to work with. Once I decided to buy the car I was literally driving off the lot in 30 minutes. Professional and efficient. I highly recommend IQautos.

Scott Allen-|google| - - - -

Outstanding experience! Tony and the group at IQ autos far eclipse any reasonable (or even unreasonable!) expectations as to how good an auto dealer can be. I bought a car and had it shipped to Hawaii, sight unseen… I DON'T DO THINGS LIKE THAT, but because of IQautos' premier status with USAA Insurance I thought it would be acceptable.., but it was WAY better than that! The car (a little BMW i3) is perfect, exactly as advertised, and exactly what I wanted. BTW, these guys REALLY know their Beemers. MOST enthusiastically recommended.

Reb Brown-|google| - - - -

Most honest and transparent used car dealers I've ever worked with... Kevin, was very helpful and was even willing to research and help us compare similar cars at other dealers

Dee Logan-|google| - - - -

I typically never leave reviews, but this time I had to. This was the best car purchasing experience I've ever had! Tony and Kevin we're absolutely AMAZING! I have shared my experience with all of family and friends, and you have earned my loyalty for any future purchases. Thanks guys for an amazing experience and vehicle!

Questa Cook-|google| - - - -

By far the best car buying experience ever! My husband and I went to test drive my car and we worked with Kevin at first. Kevin was awesome communicative and very informative. When we came back to pick up my car we closed the deal with Matt. Matt picked up right were Kevin left off not missing a beat. Now that's team work. All my paper work was ready when I got there. All I had to do was sign and drive. The whole process was quick and efficient from test driving to buying. I would absolutely buy from IQautos again. Thank you for your white glove experience.

Terry MIller-|google| - - - -

I would give Tony and IQautos 10 stars if I could. They're nothing less than PHENOMENAL. I live in California… I thought I was crazy but I contacted IQautos with a few questions about out of state purchases, cross-country shipment and money transfers. Tony contacted me right away and had all the answers. He even sent me a video introducing himself and reassuring me that I was dealing with a dealership that had plenty of experience working with out of state customers. That was the clincher for me. It was all new to me but I trusted Tony and IQautos. I had tons of questions and trouble with my bank knowing how to transfer payment but Tony was able to walk me/them thru the process. Totally Professional… No hiccups or surprises at all. I would definitely buy from IQautos again. If you're out of state don't let that bother you. Ask for Tony. He's the best.

Bill Franklin-|google| - - - -

I’d rather have a root canal than buy a car! Until I met Tony Lopez at IQautos. He isn’t the typical used car salesman caricature. He understood what I was looking for and didn’t try to sell me anything else. The price for the car was a good value and I drove off with it in about an hour. Tony took care of everything except signing my name! Great experience!... I will never go anywhere else.

DeLisa Brosig-|google| - - - -

Kevin made car buying out of state very smooth!... He answered all of my questions (I had 1,000 lol), and he reassured me. Carfax provided and explained in detail. Great credit union for financing, and just an awesome overall car buying experience. Shipping was arranged… This is the most professional dealership I’ve ever dealt with. In state or out of state please make IQautos your first choice! 

M. Robles-|google| - - - -

My experience at IQautos was amazing!... Tony mentioned the InventoryCloud so I could look at some cars that he would leave in a cart for me… There were at least 5 cars with everything I had asked for! I selected one and in less than a week the car was waiting for me at their store. Outstanding customer service.

Alex Goldstein-|google| - - - -

Excellent inventory of thoroughly handpicked vehicles, team of very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly advisors. I bought 3 (three!) BMWs from IQ Autos in the past eight years and can't thank Jim, Matt, Ed W., and Tony enough.

Chris Bridges-|google| - - - -

My experience allowed me to buy this BMW i3 sight unseen and had it delivered. IQautos has a great selection of very nice cars that are as described. Tony was very helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. Additional time for phone calls, texts, emails, pictures, videos, walk-arounds, etc. was key in my decision of purchasing this car from this dealership. He made sure the car would meet my expectations. The smoothest transaction and they have my highest recommendation! Thanks Tony and IQautos! They will be my first stop on my next car buying adventure!

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