About IQautos

My name is Jim Thompson, founder of IQautos. I bought and sold my first car in 1990 as a college student. Upon graduation in 1994, I had saved enough money to buy an Around the World plane ticket. I set off on a backpacking adventure of a lifetime. After returning home with a fresh perspective and an appreciation for opportunities in the US, I decided to start a business. 

In 1998, Jim Thompson Autos, Inc. was founded in metro Atlanta, GA. Technology paved the way to expand monopolized local markets. Customers were no longer limited to the vehicles and prices found at their local, big dealership. IQautos built our foundation on product knowledge and true customer based service. We are honest and you will enjoy doing business here. In short, what we say is true, and what we promise we will do. Everything else will follow. IQautos – The Intelligent Choice™