How to Sell a Car at We Are Here to Help You Sell or Trade-in Your Car – 6 Things to Know

Whether online or in person, when you sell your car you need to know how to price your vehicle, sell it safely, create a car advertisement, negotiate pricing, transfer the title and more. Call IQautos to speak to a team member at 770-422-5070 or you can email for a quick quote on what your car is worth.

1. The Different Ways to Sell a Car

When selling your car, you need to determine whether to trade in the vehicle at a dealership, or sell it for a cash offer from IQautos. The value of your car will vary depending on which method you use. IQautos offers a transparent buy figure that is good whether you buy a car from us or not. You can send your info here and one of our IQautos team members will contact you with a quote for your car:

2. Gather the Documents You Need

The selling process begins with gathering all documents related to your car, such as vehicle title, service records and the original sales paperwork if it’s still in your possession. While you likely know the basics – the VIN # will be the best thing to look up info on your vehicle, however make sure to have the year, make, model and current mileage – you also need to know your car’s trim level and the features that came with your specific vehicle.

3. How to Prepare Your Car to Sell

Addressing anything broken, from cracked windshields to noisy exhaust pipes will help you prepare your car for selling. That is, unless you plan to sell your car “as is” at a reduced price. Another way to prep your car is to get it professionally detailed. This is one more way to reassure potential buyers that they’re getting a clean car. A professionally detailed car could help you increase the sales value.  IQautos does not require your vehicle to be detailed or made to be perfect, however we do need to know about things such as broken windshield, curbed wheels, ripped or fading interiors, electronics not working, body work needed, engine or warning lights, dents/dings, and body work needed. 

4. How to Choose the Right Sales Price for Your Car

The value of your car depends on its actual condition. Consider getting a mechanic’s assessment to identify any problems, then decide whether to get them fixed before selling your vehicle.

Use web-based tools that can help you determine the value of your car, such as our PERSONALIZE YOUR PAYMENT tab on any vehicle on our website.  

Next, check local listings, such as those on Autotrader, for similar vehicles with similar equipment and options to see what other cars are selling for in your area.

Don’t forget that regular maintenance, new tires and brakes can raise the value when selling your car.

A past accident or needed repairs can lower the value of a car you intend to sell.

5. Advertising Tips and Tricks

Listing your car for sale on Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader will help you reach the largest possible audience. If you want to sell your car quickly and get top dollar, you want to get it in front of as many shoppers as possible.  IQautos will make you an offer to take it off your hands without having to deal with all the sales and meeting prospective buyers.  (Call 770-422-5070 or

A detailed description and an array of clear, crisp photos of the car’s interior and exterior help your car advertisement stand out to buyers. When writing, highlight the most in-demand features and why you’re selling the car. 

6. Tips for Selling a Car Safely

When selling your car to a private party, follow these expert strategies for safe transactions. Search out a safe place to meet potential buyers, such as well-trafficked retail or restaurant parking lots with security cameras. Check your auto insurance policy to ensure it covers test drives and take a photo of the potential buyer’s driver’s license.

It’s also safer to bring a family member or friend when selling the car to a private party. Also, be sure to choose only legitimate forms of payment such as a cashier’s check or online options from reputable banks.

You also want to keep track of paperwork, from the title transfer to the bill of sale and a release of liability. If you don’t have the car’s title, find out how to sell a vehicle without a title.